November 26, 2015

How to Arrange Your Books and To Keep Them safe in ypur Home Library

It is not easy to maintain the consistence of keeping your books well arranged and safe in a home library especially when you have kids at home. However, it only takes self discipline to do it. Here are some tips that you can follow: Let It be for Books If you intend your library to be for books then let it be so. It is easy to find some other different things like compact discs (CDs) cassettes and piles of papers on the shelves of your library. Whether is unintentional or deliberate, they will make your library disorganized or out of place. This especially so when your library is located near the T.V or when you use a mobile library, make sure that your library is only foe books. Shelve … [Read More...]

Be The Librarian in Your Own Library

It is more comfortable and relaxing to read from a library that is well arranged. This atmosphere encourages you to read and even to go back for more reading because you will not hustle finding the right reading material. The interesting thing to know is that you only need self discipline and consistency. In arranging you books. These are some criteria to follow if you want to be a good librarian of your own library. Genre Genre generally means type. Every reading material falls under a classification, type or genre under which it can be classified. For example, you can categorize these books as fiction, Reference, Adult, Children literature and general category. Alphabetical This is an … [Read More...]

How to Come up with a Home Library

Reading is one of the noble hobbies that you will ever find. It is a constructive way of spending your time. Passion for reading and the pleasure of enjoying a good book has led many people into creating a library at home. Today, more people are appreciating home libraries because of the tranquility and privacy that they provide. So, if you ever had that desire and are willing to start your own home library, here are some tips you need: Location Remember this is a place for reading and reading only. Choose a place that if free of noise where a table and a chair will fit. It does not have to be a separate room. You can share it with a home office or squeeze it in your … [Read More...]